Should I Dust Off My Killer Heels?

Reading that Belinda Earl, the style director of Marks and Spencer, says that women should ditch their uniform power dressing suits in favour of more comfortable attire has made me reflect on my penchant for comfortable footwear, shoes and sandals that enable me t… Lire la suite

Real Housewives Are Human Too

Many of us will have watched the Real Housewives series of programmes or seen the press and magazine coverage of their antics and lifestyles. The stories of these 'real housewives' and WAGs may fill us with a mixture of horror, envy and disdain as we view … Lire la suite

My Children Are My World

For many people having a family is regarded as their single greatest achievement. We often hear of celebrities saying that the births of their children were the best moments of their lives, better than scoring an all important goal, receiving a major award or appe… Lire la suite

Start Your New Year Well

There's are certain times in life when it's good to pause and assess what we've achieved so far, how that measures up to our original goals and where we would like our next steps to take us. Birthdays, especially decade birthdays, can be a useful evalu… Lire la suite

8 Top Tips When Studying for Exams

Many of us have occasions when we need to study for exams, often starting at school and then moving onto university and professional qualifications. Most people find them to be very stressful times. A few helpful tips can make an enormous difference: - Review … Lire la suite

Why We Must Mourn The Casualty Of Technology

This morning I thumbed the smartphone weather app in the hope of seeing a forecast of sunshine for the weekend. The response I got was the phone asking me where I was. Wait a minute; who are you? My mother? What does where I am have anything to do with a weather f… Lire la suite

Why Your Businesses Need Progressive Web Apps

It is a very relevant question, since the competitiveness in the market is all time high. The reason is simple; there is a tremendous emphasis in the quality of the output produced. In this context, if the organization is not putting enough emphasis on the quality… Lire la suite

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